Drug mule

I was received well at the check-in counter and everything was fine as they weighed in my bag and I handed them my passport. The goodwill ended right after they asked me where I was going. Immediatly after that the 3 ladies behind the counter began to give me surreptious glances and a quiet debate began amongst themselves over what to do with me. As I could not imagine why my passport would bring about such a dramatic change in attitude I asked them what was wrong, they in turn gave me weak reassuring smiles and she proceed to call her supervisor. By this time my heart was in the pit of my stomach and honest to God I felt like I was going to get the runnies (running tummy for those who don’t recongise that word). I waited another 10 mins for the supervisor to arrive and explain to me what was wrong, in that time she told me to take back my luggage and wait for further instructions. That really got me worried. The supervisor arrived, took one at my passport and he in turn decided to call another supervisor, by this time I was sweating, praying and quietly freaking out. He wasnt satisfied with my explanation that I was going to Canada to work even though I had a valid visa in my passport. He in turn called another supervisor to review my “situation” in the meanwhile telling me my case was complicated and made it clear that there was a chance I would not be allowed on the flight. By this time 20 minutes had passed and my father had joined me at the checkpoint counter to find out what was going on. Thirty minutes later with three supervisors and my dad talking to two of them, giving proof that I was his daughter, they all agreed I was not a threat to anyone. As breathed a huge sigh of relief and ordered my stomach to behave I finally checked in. The ladies at the check in counter looked at me in wonder and one of them said to me; “I am sorry for what just happened, its just that people like you dont usually fly from here legally.” Turns out “people like me” usually try to smuggle drugs into Canada.


Pikangikum from the air. We are right surrounded by lakes and rivers.

That was 13 days ago, I still cannot believe I am in Canada, the past 2 weeks have been incredible, it took 23 hours 55 mins of traveling from Maputo to Toronto, then my friend and work mate met me there and we took 3 days to get to Red Lake, I stayed there for just over a week( Made some amazing definitely life long friendss) and yesterday I flew from there to Pikangikum First Nation Reserve. There is so much to remember, so many places to explore, first thing I can say about the Reserve is that its in beautiful country and as summer is just around the corner I am giddy with excitement to seeing how beautiful this place will become. I am told the scenery in summer and winter is breathtaking!

For all those who have heard about Native Reserves, you probably have only heard the negative news that goes on here (especially Pikangikum), I hope you will join me as I share my African perspective on life on a Native Reserve, the way I see it, even in the most challenging places one can find themselves living, there is always room for hope and my desire is to find it and share it with you ๐Ÿ™‚


You can get to Pik by either, taking a 20 min flight, which I did, driving over a frozen lake in the winter or taking an hour boat ride
in the summer.


The airport.

I recently joined instagram, you can check out photos I will be posting there whenever ๐Ÿ™‚ my name is xula_shula.
Cheers, I gotta go I have been invited for supper and I am already 15 mins late eeekkkk!!! I just had to write to you friend, its been too long and I was missing writing to you ๐Ÿ˜€ hopefully my new friend will forgive me. So forgive me for bad spelling, haven’t had time to triple check my grammar and spelling!


2 thoughts on “Drug mule

  1. Congratulations, you have arrived, how exicitng! So sorry for the harrassment you experienced at that airport, but glad it found its solution in time. I am excited too how life will be at the reserve. First nations have interested me since I was a child. There are proud people who had their share of harrassment during history. Love your photos, my friend, not the least the one from Pikangikum airport! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks a lot Bente, I am looking forward to sharing this new life with you. I also have to catch up on your blog havent been on wordpress for over a month now ๐Ÿ™‚

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