Fishing for walleye

On a day like this, its foolish not to go fishing
On a day like this, its foolish not to go fishing 

My friends took me fishing a week ago, in some ways the Ojibway way of  life is similar to the African way i.e relationships and community are very important and there is no need to be in a hurry or overly busy. Thats one area of Western culture I find hard to adapt to, how most seem to be always busy and it appears as if there is no time to build community or just hang out. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, we took 3 boats and the hope that we would catch a lot of walleye.

its been my dream to go fishing for the longest time. I am glad I really enjoyed it. glad I got friends who will take me out with them.

My friend Wanita and her husband Colin

Its been my dream for the longest time to go fishing, so thankful for friends willing to take me with them.

father and son

If you are not patient fishing is definitely not for you. Little Elisha at 4 already knows that sometimes one has to wait a while to catch something. We were fishing for about 3 hours and he never complained. For me his the most adorable fisherman I have ever had the pleasure to watch. He is definitely a natural.


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  1. Oh, I love fishing, and have done so since I went with my father as a kid, or sometimes all 4 of us. But I fish to seldom, I think the fish you fished is different, but otherwise I know the feeling of fishing and I just got it from you nice photos. I am happy you are having such a great time with people and places.

    1. Shula says:

      I am definitely looking fwd to fishing, life can be rather stressful on the reserve, definitely a good way to unwind.

  2. Charis says:

    Beautiful pictures! Fishing sounds like a great way to just spend time as you put it so well. Hope to do that one day with our boys. Hey, love the woods in the photos; do people go camping? 🙂

    1. Shula says:

      Thx bestie 🙂 so far it looks like pple are not into such BUT They love hunting trips, when hunting season starts school closes for a couple days so boys can go with their fathers. Colleen says its not uncommon for them to share the meat they catch with other community members. I hope the boys love fishing as much as Elisha, lol maybe thats asking for too much after all this tribe is known for their fishing, its in the sangue.

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