The invasion

Every 6 to 7 years, army worms invade the Reserve…it just had to happen the year I arrived… I.DON’T.LIKE.THEM! These worms are everywhere, covering the roads stripping trees of their leaves and a huge source of entertainment for the children. Some locals have pictures of their trees the colour black because of the worms. One word for all this: GROSS! The only consolation is that soon we will have beautiful butterflies around these parts, until then, my suffering continues!






4 thoughts on “The invasion

  1. Hehe, they are gross, yes, but you telling about them is quite entertaining. I hope the transformation to butterflies will be soon, and beautiful. If it is a consolation: I have larvae-invation this year too and they have now eaten half of all my 4 red currant-bushes. And I read in the newspaper that some have eaten all the trees of some sort of species in town. It is this kind of year, cross fingers for nice butterflies.

  2. Yikes! You and Bente above remind me of how much I detest flies… in summer, in Africa…all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, and useful in creation yes yes yes but eish… Sometimes its just plain gross! Suddenly I’m enjoying the chilly, rainy winter here down south! Thanks for sharing and may these creatures grow bright and beautiful soon : )

    1. Hahahaha, you killed me sister! So when I left Moz, I was happy about 1 thing: NO MORE MOSQUITOS. I mean, who would dream that there are mosquitos in N.America??? Sister…mosquitos here are worse than back home! They are agressive in your face, and even jeans are not a barrier for them. Right now my thighs have lumps all over them. Que miseria!!!! Never thought the day would come when I would wish for African mosquitos.!!!!!

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