I can’t help myself

Everyday I find even more small inconspicuous flowers to “ooh and aah” over. I can’t help myself, I just had to share these little beauties with you.

Sometimes one can get so absorbed with how difficult and unfair life is that we completely miss the small acts of goodness and mercy that follow us were ever we go. whose specific duty is to encourage us through the valley, help us stand a little taller on the mountain tops and give us the courage to live lives that constantly give hope to those around us. Thats why I have this blog, I don’t profess to know everything and there are days I just dont understand God but the way I see it, it would be a crying shame if I didn’t do my part to share  Christ love that I have to those around me. Like switching on a lamp and then covering it with a blanket … pointless.




image   image


3 thoughts on “I can’t help myself

  1. Shula,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. Eventhough some are in our eyes “weeds”‘ you see them as beautiful. I was also reflecting on the caterpillars you posted. Did they become beautiful butterflies???
    Looking forward to more news from Pikangikum. Blessings…
    Shalom, ~Lia

    1. Hey Lia,
      Thank you! The butterflies are slowly coming out. They are a pretty yellow and black and occasionally I have seen a lovely blue and black. Expectantly waiting for lots more 🙂

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