Winter is coming.

I know its been awhile friend, not that the blog was far from my mind, not at all, my mind is forever looking for new stories to tell and pictures to take. Its just that lifes been rather stressful of late and I don’t want to blog when I feel it will be more of a chore. These pictures were taken two weeks or more ago. Right now Pik does not look as pretty as we are having a mix of snow and rain, makes the whole place muddy because there aren’t any tar roads here. I enjoyed tha fall, Pik has a lot of quiet spots where you can sit and drink in the beauty around. Something thats important to do when  stress is buzzing around you like  pesky mosquito!

Pikangikum from the sky.
Pikangikum from the sky.



Lots of geese hang out here during the Fall.
Lots of geese hang out here during the Fall.


Good night friend, these days I sometimes am concerned that insomia wants to get better acquainted with me … I pray thats not the case!


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  1. Thank you for showing your beautiful fall. I especially like the one from above (even if I am not very happy in small airplanes myself, I enjoy the view). Enjoy your quiet spots, and never feel it as a chore.

  2. Lia says:

    Any blog from you is so refreshing. Getting to know Pik a little more. I pray the Lord will refresh your spirit with rest and anticipation of what He is going to do in your life. Stay warm and enjoy the quiet spots…. Love you!

    1. Shula says:

      Thanks Lia!!!

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