You make me brave.

imageWhen I miss home I sometimes make myself a cup of Rooibos tea. Rooibos because it is a South African tea and I grew up on it. If I allow my mind to wander the first memory that comes to mind as I sip my tea is when I was ten years old and we as a family first moved to Mozambique … but that’s a story for another day.

The temperature outside reads -16C but my app says it feels like -26C with winds of 22kph, yeap winter is here. The hardest part of moving to Pikangikum has been that I cannot easily pick up the phone and talk to my family. Sure we exchange emails (and instant messaging with my siblings) but there is something about hearing a persons voice that puts emails to shame. Since April I have spoken to my siblings once and my parents 3 times. The last time I spoke to my dad was over 2 months ago. Not for lack of trying, I can assure you!

Tonight I especially miss my parents, if you know me personally or have followed this blog for years, you know that I have strived to serve Jesus with excellence and repeatedly step out in complete obedience and faith to Him most times not even sure what will happen next. This life style I have chosen has been heavily influenced by my parents.From the time I was 15 I knew that they hold me with an open hand, aware that I am their daughter but Jesus comes first. Even though we worked well together for so many years, they were willing to let me go. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it was for them to see me go and yet they did. When I was in Peru a couple of years ago my mom wrote to me saying ,” the way you can pack up and go to places so far from home scares me, you are so brave.”

For me, the way they love and serve Jesus with humility and strength makes me brave.

My Rooibos tea has gone cold, my eyes are teary, I miss my family tonight … hopefully next week  when my calling cards arrive, I will get to hear their voices.


4 thoughts on “You make me brave.

  1. Oh, I hope that African tea gives you warmth, and your memories. And that you will soon be able to talk with your family. With all that warmth you could also enjoy winter, since there is “warmth” in beauty.

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