Hope Notes: Margarita and Harvey


Its been two weeks since I last saw the Rockies and one week since Harvey and Margaritas wedding. Life has been very busy and at times emotionally stressful but I made up my mind that, before this week ends, I MUST blog. I have said this many times before, writing is good for me 🙂


Sometimes as you read the Psalms a word; “Selah” pops up. If you take the time to find out what it means you will discover  that its just another way of saying; “dear reader, take the time to pause and meditate over what has just been written.” I will do the same with the following words that are well known by many but not often meditated upon.

Love is patient, Love is kind
It does not envy, It does not boast
It is not rude, It is not proud
It is not easily angered, does not demand its way.
It keeps no record of being wronged
Love never gives up, it ALWAYS trusts, ALWAYS hopes and endures through every circumstance. Love never fails!


Friend, I don’t know about you but Gods standard of what love is, is pretty high and goes against what we want for ourselves. Its hard work for our hearts that tend to be very selfish a lot of the time! I chose to share their wedding pictures because for me its a sign of the hope that is quietly growing around us and must be natured tenderly. God is all about love and marriage the bible is full of examples. All the more reason for us to celebrate it and be an encouragement to those who take the step of becoming one. Not an easy lifestyle I have been told but still worth it!

Good night!


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