Sad day.

My camera is not working … I don’t know whats wrong but it won’t read my card no matter what I do … makes me very sad …

I haven’t posted in awhile, my heart and head have been doing a lot of thinking but each time I sit to write some of my thoughts, I have nothing. How does one share intimately without over sharing? That’s the part about blogging/writing that stresses me the most … I lie, editing photos comes pretty close to driving me crazy sometimes and I am a minimalist! If you check my Instagram feed (most photos taken with my iphone) I have lots of pictures of some of things I have been up to. I have decided to make time to do lots of reading so right now I am reading: one fantasy, a biography and a book on what it takes to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I want to be as diverse in my reading as possible so that I can expand my English vocabulary.( I have also been listening to a podcast on A tale of two cities) I have even taken to walking about with a little notebook that I can add interesting words to it. I hope all this English wont make my other languages suffer … maybe I should make time to read in other languages too… I have also had a big itch to take my writing more seriously so I have two projects going on. One for my friend Chariss’ children (my second book for them) and the other, well when I get to finishing it you will know. I am having so much fun writing, I could sit for hours scribbling away. Hence the four note books I use to write down ideas of plots, bible verses, interesting proverbs and such.

Even with all the busynness I have with work, I still have lots of time to myself. I think one of the hardest part about moving to Canada so far has been the adapting to two very different cultures (First Nation and Canadian Caucasian) without a friend with at least a basic understanding of Africa living close by helping me along the way. I even marvel at myself that in a months time I will have made it a year here. I guess I am made of tougher things!

I am really really sad about my camera, I hope it fixes itself … if you have been following me for awhile, you know how much its a part of my life …


6 thoughts on “Sad day.

  1. wow, what a lovely picture it is i am seeing here, your words written in this blog speak louder than seeing a picture. Honestly, I was able to see every single turn of thought, wish your camera well.

  2. I am sorry for your camera and hope it will work properly again. But you wright so vivid so you certainly can go on writing, in the meantime. Almost a year, time is moving fast.

    1. Yes! Almost a year!!! I don’t know where time went… and thank you for the encouragement on the writing ๐Ÿ™‚ So nice to see you on Instagram.

  3. HI Shula,
    I haven’t met you in person yet, but I have prayed for you and applauded your arrival and ministry at Pik. I feel like I did just meet you through your blog which I got linked to in Coleen’s letter. I love your descriptive, thought provoking writings.
    I started a blog recently with wordpress, also. It is called adventuringwiththefather. A year ago I spent 2 weeks in Uganda with Impact Nations. I was not prepared at all with the kinship I felt with the people, as though I knew them already in a way. Many of the core values and beliefs are so similar to the first nations people. I have a dream to take some of my first nations friends on a trip there sometime and watch the magic unfold as they share encouragement and love in the Lord.
    I do believe it is a strategic move of God to bring you from Africa to bring the Good News to our first nations people! Hey, I hope you soon have a working, incredible camera!

    1. Hey Deborah,
      Thanks as well for the encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚ I will definitely look into your blog. I see lots of similarities culturally between First Nations and Africans. For example “Indian time” and “African time” are pretty much the same thing. We are so relational that most times when visiting friends there is no time limit or specific agenda I find thats the same with First Nations.
      Am asking God to do something nice about my camera situation. lol. and thanks for the prayers, this first year has not been easy but I can say with God help I have made it!

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