Hope notes: Musik

The end of April threatened to be another terrible month for Pikangikum but mercifully what most people feared( I included) was going to happen was averted. There is no other way to describe the salvation that came on the eleventh hour other than, a miracle. So, with suicide emphatically denied what it had wanted to rob from the community, I decided now was a good time to write about hope. Today hope comes in the form of a local band called Musik. I often hear these guys practicing and have wanted for awhile to spend a few minutes with them to hear their story and hopefully get their permission to share it.

Nick 23years. Michael 22 years. Rick 19 years.
Nick 23years. Michael 22 years. Rick 19 years.

When was Musik formed and who are its members?

Michael: Musik started in 2009 when my friends and I decided we wanted to start a band. The band is made up of Nick the base player, Me, the guitarist, Robinson the drummer and Nick the lead singer who is singing and playing the drums today cause Robinson is not in.

What do you play, who taught you to play and what is your favorite band and song?

Michael: I play guitar, my older brother Gregory taught me how to play. My favourite band is Muse and my favorite musician is the lead guitarist for Muse, Matthew.

Rick: I am self taught and started to play instruments when I was 15 years old. I play the drums, guitar and enjoy singing. I enjoy alternative rock and my favorite band is called Pierced the veil and my ultimate favorite song is by the same band is, King for a day. I have been playing with these guys for two years now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANick: I have been playing for 6-7 years, I owe my skills to two High School music teachers, Jennifer Morgan and Mike Lafayette. My favorite musician is Adele and favorite song is Rolling in the deep. I like that song because of the way the drums are played in it.

Do you guys just play for the fun of it or you have plans for your band?

Rick: Right now we are actually practicing for a local competition called Battle of the Bands that will be happening sometime soon. Micheal and I traveled to Thunder Bay in 2011 and 2012 to take part in a music festival. We played a couple of Green Day songs to a crowd of about 100 people. It was pretty fun. We would really like to tour other Northern reserves to inspire and encourage other youth with our Punk Rock style of playing. Currently we are waiting to hear if we are invited to play at  a reserve called Sandy Lake. They have a music festival called Muddy Water Festival that we would like to participate in.

Apart from music what are you passionate about?

Rick: my cat Jasper … I like cats … A LOT!

Michael: My dream is to be a dad one day 🙂

What do you like about Pikangikum?

Nick: I like how peaceful it can be by the lake especially at sunset, I would miss that if I ever left Pikangikum for good.

If you live in Pik and know these young men, take time to encourage them with what they are doing, who knows your words could be just what they need to keep going 🙂

(I have been trying the whole day to upload a video of the band during a practice session but to no avail, I will keep trying)


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