Thanks to a very good friend, I have finally joined the Canon world 🙂 I am now the very proud owner of a Canon T5 Rebel. As I really wasn’t interested in breaking the 10th commandment (the short of it: Don’t envy what others have) I kept away from researching DSLR cameras until I was sure I was going to get one so for the past month I have been reading all about Nikons and Canons. I chose the T5 cause it was in my price range and its a great one if you are a beginner at using DSLR cameras (at least thats what the numerous blogs I read said). The camera came with an extra lens: 75-300 mm. So its with great pleasure I present to you some of the first shots I took with my new baby 😀 IMG_0390 (2)Last week, three friends and I took 34 youth to Missouri USA to attend a First Nation (or Native American as they are called in the USA) 5 day youth summit. It was interesting for me to observe 700 youth from North America representing 110 tribes intentionally meeting together for the purpose of knowing Jesus more. Friend to be honest I didn’t even think there where so many tribes in North America. As the history between Christianity and First Nations is terrible, it was a learning experience, a privilege to observe how First Nations youth have embraced the Faith in their own way without the extra stuff that has made their past and present a difficult and often bitter reality. IMG_0372 IMG_0375 One of the highlights of the week for me was listening to a hip-hop Christian artist called Trip Lee perform. I am not much into main stream hip hop and rap music because of how they portray women but if you are looking for soul searching, uplifting, God honouring hip- hop, I would definitely recommend him. He is unashamedly honest about his faith and struggles, proud that he is a father and fearlessly teaches on the importance of living a life of purity in a time when the concept is out of style. Is he perfect? I highly doubt it but he is a man that is showing a different side to hip-hop and for that I am grateful! IMG_0387Do I even have to state the obvious? The youth thoroughly enjoyed him!


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  1. Love the photos Shula. You have a good eye for what works. Also love the camera choice :D. I am a Canon man myself.

    1. Shula says:

      Thank you! Hopefully oneday I will get to have another photo walk with you!

  2. Great story, and great pictures. Congratulations with your camera!

    1. Shula says:

      Thank you Bente! I started off this blog with a point and shoot camera and now I have finally joined the DSLR world 🙂 its taken four years to get here! lol!

  3. cool – used to listen to a lot of Christian Hip-hop but haven’t heard of this guy before – looks like a grand ol time

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