Freeze up.

This year winter has been late.


Last year by the first week of November, freeze up had began. This week is the first week were we have had consist negative Celsius.


Since Pikangikum relies heavily on the winter road (driving over lake) to connect to the rest of the world some were concerned that it would take longer than usual for the lake to freeze.


Well it surprised us cause when we went to bed last night the lake was not frozen and today when we woke it was.

Of course we need more ice on the lake for people to be able to drive on it. Last year some people started driving on the lake when the ice was 8 inches (20 cm). I hear its like a competition amongst some men to see who will be the first to drive on it. I would rather watch on the side lines and wait for it to be at least 12 inches(30 cm) 😀



One thought on “Freeze up.

  1. Wow! I’m with you: watch from the sidelines for sure! Has anyone ever fallen/ driven in?
    Weather everywhere is changing.. We have drought here- no or late rains and you have late freezing temps. No all the changes and uncertainties may we find comfort in the One who never changes.
    Keep warm! Time for a new (handmade😂) Parka?

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