Broken walls.

Its been a very busy but successful week, my coworker Colleen hosted an internationally known band and I got to help with hosting them 🙂



Broken Walls is a band that has been coming to Pikangikum for ten years. Their consistency has made it possible for them to build relationships with many people in the community.

Most of their songs have a traditional First Nation flavour to them and often when they perform they have First Nation dancers in full regalia. This time when they came they had a lady from Alaska who is Eskimo dancing for them. (FYI in Canada it is not considered proper to call them Eskimo but Inuit)I enjoy their music and if you are interested in knowing more about them, please check their website out:

So what did they do in four days?

Two school assemblies

One free community concert

6 classroom workshops from elementary to high school

Home visits.

Mentoring youth at a youth club

Concert for the young women and mothers.


Of course I have not listed everything but these are the main ones that took up a lot of time.


So did the people enjoy their time? I hope the pictures say it all.

When do they return? Next August, they have been asked to come and be a part of the official opening of the new school that is being built. Thank you Broken Walls!




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