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Last Sunday I helped decorate for a local wedding. I took pictures of it too.
Kindergarten was having a family thing going on ( I forget what they called it) My friend asked if I could come with her and her daughter as part of their family.
My friends took this pic of me and I didn’t know it was on my camera till later. I like it.
A big part of what I do is visiting families. An average visit will last at least 2 hours. There is no agenda, I am getting to know people at an easy pace. When I am asked how I go about getting invited into peoples homes, my response is: ” Of all the families I regularly visit now, I did not wait for an invitation( I still don’t), I just rocked up and didn’t stop randomly visiting them, now they ask when I will be coming by.” I guess if I think about it, it takes some courage to do this … I  never did think much about it, when I started, I thought it was the most logical way to make friends.
The view from my trailer.
An aunt with her nephews.This family is full of laughs.
The lake has become a busy highway these days. Did you know this area has the longest ice road in North America? The kids are busy clearing snow to make an ice rink. I live in the trailer that is close to that orange building. Its obscured by the trees.

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  1. heidimarie7 says:

    Lots of “bits o’ beauty” in that place, Shula, (especially the regular visits—you go, girl!) And hey—those socks look like the ones I put in your shoebox over a year ago! (I work part-time in a great woman’s boutique, heh!) LOVE ’em! ” ]

    1. Shula says:

      So you are the one who sent the socks 🙂 I really like them 🙂

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