Nifty fifty.


I finally did it, I have crossed over into the world of camera lens, FYI the ones I have been using are the ones sold together with the camera. So happy, I am! I did some saving and bought a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM. I know that sounds like gibberish for anyone who is not into photography. Basically its the cheapest Canon lens that makes it easier to take detailed photos of anything.


I went out for a two hour walk today, hoping I would find more evidence that winter has truly gone. Seeing as last year we where dumped with a pile of snow in the middle of May, I am not holding my breath.


Well, at least in my neighbourhood, there are no flowers at all, not even a hint. Just a lot of dry grass, *grumble *grumble.


But lucky for me I found something that was blooming, I don’t know what they are called … maybe its a Birch tree bloom??



Good heavens I am horrible at naming flora … Anyways, Enjoy!


Looking forward to teaching myself more on what I can do with this lens.


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