For a year now I have been using Adobes Lightroom to edit my pictures. For those who are not into photography, Lightroom is like the light weight of editing pictures whilst Photoshop is the heavy weight champion, it offers sooooooooooo much more than Lightroom. And for a newbie, its COMPLICATED. All this while I have been been hoping to finally afford Photoshop, turns out the monthly plan I have with Adobe has always included Photoshop! How could it have taken me a year to figure that out?! So dumb!Hence the title of todays blog.

My African violets have been blooming! The year I had them in Pik, not once did the bloom but since moving to Red Lake they are thriving. These two pictures took me 3 hours to edit just because I had to watch a lot of videos to figure out what is what! Not my best work today but eventually I will get the hang of it.




2 thoughts on “#facepalm

  1. The delicate beauty of the African violet displaying it regal colors far from home remind me of the way the Lord is using your life transplanted as well into new soil to showcase His love and the beauty of His holiness in an otherwise cold and distant land.

    Your photographic tenacity has a story to tell all it’s own, well worth the time and effort you may put forth on it, somewhat like crafting a good sermon but this with word pictures, Keep on keeping on and may the Lord bless your effort amongst those you faithfully serve.

    Tom E.

    1. Hey Tom, it’s always encouraging to me how just because we are part of the Body, we can speak life into others lives even with never meeting! Thank you for your words of encouragement !

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