On your marks … 

 So tomorrow my journey begins, a day in Thunder Bay followed by a weekend pit stop in Toronto. Then it’s a hop and skip through Germany and Portugal. Final destination is running from the car into my parents house to escape the heat, sitting on the cool wooden tiled floor of the living room getting my hair did by my mom as I chat with my sister in law. All the while watching my sisters shamelessly plunder my suitcases for presents and laughing at my brothers jokes with my father occasionally interjecting with his.  Not forgetting acquainting myself with the crazy dog my dad decided to buy. What’s her name again?

I will be home for Christmas. 

That blanket is everything to me when I travel.

Two months ago a dear friend gave me the best Christmas present to date, a ticket home for Christmas. Ecstatic doesn’t quite describe how happy I am, I have not spent the last two Christmases home.


2 thoughts on “On your marks … 

  1. Enjoy your Christmas with family hun,I can imagine the joy of being back home after what feels like forever simply because there is no place like home. Regards to them all xoxo

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