My little pony


One of my highlights whilst visiting friends in Southern Ontario was watching my friends daughter at riding school. She is five years old and the youngest at the school but from what I saw (even though I don’t know much about all things equestrian), she has incredible poise and confidence with Cassey her riding pony.


Cassey is more like a medium sized horse than an average pony and enjoys to nip people in their rear anytime she feels inclined to. I was told that even though she is far from the most powerful, graceful and even beautiful in the stable she has the bossiest attitude towards her fellow compatriots. I am sure it does not surprise you that the other horses loudly make their displeasure known each time she walks passed them, not like it bothers her one bit. Compared to Cassey, Isla is pint-sized but had no qualms making it clear to Cassey who was boss the moment she was riding her. It was a delight watching Miss Fearless, I guess Cassey found her match!


P.S I should have been flying home by now but I had problems at the airport yesterday. Thankfully I got a new ticket for Thursday, nothing short of a miracle!


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