Norseman Days

Last Sunday I sat by Red Lakes dock from 11 AM till 5PM. I packed myself lunch, snacks, my kindle, almost all my camera equipment and my fully charged phone to listen to music and my audible bible. I even had my handy dandy portable battery so that all my devices never had to worry about running out of juice. I looked like a tourist with my North Face backpack packed with stuff but I did not want to walk back home for anything until I had my fill of Vitamin D. norseman 1

Lucky for me later that afternoon, there was an airshow. The local companies that run float planes were celebrating 25 years of the Norseman. I will let you do your own internet search on what the festival offered locals and visitors. Suffice to say, Red Lake is the Norseman capital of the world and every year, a weekend is dedicated to celebrating this specific type of float plane.

norseman 2norseman 3

norseman 4

Let me tell you, editing different hues of white I think, I should start taking several days or even weeks editing one photo at a time. That would certainly sharpen my editing skills. For those who are pros at Photoshop, you will pick up on some mistakes I made, don’t mind them, I am still learning ๐Ÿ˜€


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