Introducing Malaika.

I am working on polishing my blurb for my short story, in the meanwhile, here is a short description:
Malaika ( Swahili for Angel)  is a 19-year-old Mozambican girl who reluctantly accepts a 6 week trip to the Philippines. Whilst there, she volunteers with Restoring Hope, a Christian Humanitation Organization that does work all around the world. The trip is life changing for Malaika as she adapts to a different culture and new friends. On her last day in the Philippines, her faith and courage is tested to breaking point. Will she rise up to the challenge or will life’s unexpected trials crush her gentle spirit?

Excerpts from Chapter 1:

Malaika was not thinking of her grandmother’s wise words the evening before everything changed for her. The only thoughts racing through her mind was how she could leave the grocery shop without the children seeing her.

With her heart beating and threatening to lunge out of her chest Malaika dashed out into Barangay towns dusty main road. Her fingernails dug into her palms and her forearms burned as she struggled with two bulging plastic bags of groceries. “Are you leaving them in there?! Do something! Say something!!” Her consciousness screamed at her.

For the second time that day, she had seen an adult physically abuse children  from the nearby indigenous village and done nothing. On both occasions, it was children she had tutored English at Restoring Hopes centre. Her mid length violet Senegalese twists dangled around her face, hiding the shame and the tears that filled her eyes and refused to fall as she walked away.

My short story is done and I have sent it out to several friends to read through and give me feedback. With each feedback I tweak the story a little. I hope in the coming weeks to finally have it ready for a professional editor to work on ( this will probably mean even more editing ). Whilst all this editing is going on, I have connected with a friend whose art I have always admired and she is willing to help me out with a cover. This part of putting together a book also takes time as my friend and I exchange many, many emails on what the cover should look like. I keep telling myself not to rush, I really want to present you, a good work.

P.S, I have already started working on book two of this series. There is so much Malaika has to learn. I do hope you will be interested in following her journey 🙂


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  1. mk1rk says:

    So exciting! I think it’s an awesome idea and it sounds like something I might read!

    I really want to write a short book about my time in Sandy Lake, but now isn’t quite the time. Haven’t worked on it for a while…Too much to do with kids and work and (another!!!) baby on the way. 🙂

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    1. Shula says:

      Thank you very much Mary 🙂 I am sure one day you will finally have the time to finish the book 🙂

  2. Louise Billinghurst says:

    Love it. Lx

    Sent from my iPhone


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