Into the woods.



Where others see a stump, I see a castle.






My favourite.

Bracketing, were have you been all my life? A kind photographer in Red Lake, showed me how I can take two or three identical pictures, “stack” them in either Lightroom or Photoshop to make one photo that has the perfect composition. Most of these pictures were stacked. I hope next week I can post more pictures of some of the pretty things I have seen this summer.


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  1. I have never stacked pictures, but the more advanced (expensiv) the camera, the more I need editing. Anyway, I love your photos. I know this kind of nature by heart, and it is “all” there. Even if we are on the other side of the world, kind of.

    1. Shula says:

      Thanks Bente, I am beginning to realize I much prefer the simplicity of taking a picture and hardly doing much editing. Thank you for all the support you continue to give me 🙂

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