11 hours 30 mins


I am currently battling jet lag and winning :D,  I returned to Winnipeg around midnight last night after visiting home (Moz and South Africa) for two weeks. It was a very busy two weeks and one of my highlights was when we visited Kruger National Park in South Africa. We spent 11 hours and 30 mins in the park and not once were we bored and neither did we come close to seeing half of the park. In fact in the end we had to rush out because we ran out of time. I don’t think I will ever tire of visiting this game reserve. There are so many depressing statistics of how fast Africa is loosing its wild life, its encouraging to see what some countries are doing to keep their animals alive.

I was seated in the middle of the back seat of my brothers car when traveling so, I don’t have the best shots. I did very minimal editing to all the photos.IMG_8691 2

IMG_8720 2

IMG_8723 2

IMG_8905 2
This heron was chilling on top of a hippo as the hippo swam. Was quite funny to see.

IMG_8906 2

IMG_8901 2

IMG_8966 2

IMG_8836 2

IMG_8953 2
Just before it tried to take down an impala.

IMG_8736 2

IMG_8783 2

IMG_8785 2

IMG_8872 2

IMG_8685 2

IMG_8799 2

IMG_8789 2

IMG_8833 2

IMG_8809 2

IMG_8700 2

IMG_8746 2

IMG_8980 2

IMG_8733 2

IMG_8992 2

IMG_8977 2

IMG_8869 2

IMG_8688 2

IMG_8710 2IMG_8706 2

I think imma eat something and crash, I can barely keep my eyes opened.


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  1. Saurav tedd says:

    That’s awesome😃

  2. Charis says:

    Thank you for sharing a fab snippet of your whirlwind trip home! I look forward to a sort of road trip to Moz ( 😍) & the Kruger when the children are bigger. You are right, there’s lots wrong in the stewardship of Africa’s resources but how lovely to notice & appreciate the right. Lekker slaap!

  3. Cornelia Coronel says:

    Thank you for sharing…. very impressive pictures. You always have the best eye in capturing a great shot.

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