Walter Mitty, flowers and goals.


Those of you that have been following this blog since the beginning of time know that I appreciate flowers a lot 🙂 So it was a no brainer when I miraculously (there is no other way to describe such a sudden turn of events) found myself in a relationship four months ago that the boyfriend had to know, I love me some flowers 😀 Since then he has been good at remembering to buy them for me.


I am going to enjoy sharing stories of our fun adventures with you. Whilst I find peace and joy patiently taking a myriad of photos of anything that captures my eye, he much prefers to enjoy the moment without any cameras around. He really doesn’t care for photography haha! Me thinks we will eventually come to some sort of compromise 😀 I am also looking forward to sharing a picture of him carrying my camera bag and my beloved tripod one day, hopefully he won’t look too grumpy haha!


P.S Can spring come already?!

“If I like a moment, I mean me personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of a camera. I just want to stay in it. Right there … right here.” The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.



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