I got engaged on the 7th of May 🙂 I love the pictures that Christina from Clicks Photography did. Here are a few. Can’t wait to marry you Joel 🙂




7 thoughts on “Engaged.

  1. Congratulations Shula and Joel. I love the pictures….. Many blessings to both of you in your life together!! Shalom….. ~Lia

  2. How beautiful, Shula and Joel! A prince and princess if I ever saw two such . . . may God bless you 10,000 times ten in the days, months, years ahead!!! (and may God bless the photographer as she’s competing with Shula’s great eye and skill, ha!)
    God is good,
    Heidi Gennaro
    VT, USA

    1. Oh Heidi! You are soooo encouraging! Thank you sooo much 😊😊 if someone had told me 7 months ago that I would be engaged I would have laughed in their faces haha! Thank you!

  3. So cool that you blog Shula! ❤️ I showed the two crocheted stuffies you had made to your soon to be new sister-in-laws—Rimma said your hobbies are impressive—adding that her only hobby is eating! Haha! Loved how you wrote here “Can’t wait to marry you Joel!” 😭❤️👍. It is easy to see Joel will be blessed and loved…just like your blog title! (So cool 😎 you have 260 followers! I am so honoured to be another human being—who gets to be a 2nd “mum” in your life as well! 😭❤️—who is being blessed with your “living to love”!!! Thank you dearest!

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