Victoria Day


Its finally warming up for reals. I know lots of Canadians who love their bitterly cold winters. I don’t look strange at them after all I am the outsider 😀 But friend, its the end of May and the weather man is predicting snow next week in one of the provinces! (Newfoundland)Unbelievable! If you ask me, I believe, there comes a time that my winter loving friends begin to feel us summer loving folks pain, and lament with us. After all, what is 2 and half months of summer to 10 months of winter? OK I exagerate … 6 or 7 months of winter.

It was Victoria Day on the 20th of May. To be honest the only thing I know about the holiday is that the country is honouring a queen of England. Why do they have a holiday in her honour ? I have no clue. I am very glad they celebrate her though. Who doesn’t love a long weekend?


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  1. Mum Brown says:

    Beautiful photographs sweetheart! (Love seeing all the people you and Joel are loving and those I am sure who are falling in love with you both!)

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