Pow wow

Several weeks ago I attended my first Pow wow. Anything that has to do with observing another culture has my full attention! I am glad I was able to go 🙂 This particular Pow wow had several tribes participating from Canada and the U.S.A.    


Just keep swimming.

 If you have followed this blog for awhile, these girls must look familiar to you. My friendship with them began 3 years ago when I moved to Pikangikum. The desire to keep to myself in the first few weeks of arriving in a new place is very strong. Especially when I don't know anyone and [...]

Thanksgiving with Mars

Today I sat at a table with Americans, Russians, Canadians, First Nation Canadians and had supper. The conversation covered Russian history, languages,politics, hunting, children, culture. My heart was thankful, I enjoy being in a setting where different cultures sit around a meal and connect. As I watched my friends children play with Mars around us [...]

Days gone by

A few of my favourite shots from the past two months.               I am watching the opening night of the Olympics as I edit pictures. Made me think of Paul, one of the Bibles writers and something that he wrote:  Do you not know that in a race all [...]

In the valley

Between March 20 and April 14th, 11 people died in Pikangikum. Of the eleven, nine died on the same night.* Death is relentless in his pursuit for more, overly eager to satisfy his unquenchable thirst. Without invitation, he takes his time to embrace those in the throes of deep sorrow, those still reeling from what [...]


  Its been a terribly rough week here in Pikangikum, I am not ready to write about it but I do want to share a few shots I took today. I plugged my ears with music from my iPod and pretty much shut out the world around me as I walked around looking for the [...]