Its thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. A chance for the family to have a heart warming reunion 🙂 Nora is the second youngest girl in the family, these pictures of her were too adorable not to share! The husband took that one.   Good night, we in Alberta for the rest of the week.


Flat for days!

On Tuesday, it decided to snow on us on our way to Saskatchewan. You would think we were in the throws of winter the way the snow fell.  We saw many semi trucks and cars needing rescue. Thankfully the skies cleared half way through our trip. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are known as the prairie provinces. [...]

Fall in Canada

We have been married six weeks and we are taking the month of October to visit friends and family living across the Canadian highway who support the work we do as youth workers in Winnipeg AND also go on honeymoon 🙂 I thought it would be good to share our trip with you all. Last [...]

Rebel and I.

I don't really have much to say, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite pictures from the past two months. Work is going well, it feels like I have been in Winnipeg for many years. It will be a year in October. A lot of my daily work connections in Winnipeg involve [...]

I got it from my mama!

I woke up this morning in pain,  muscles deep inside  the joint of my left shoulder hurt each time I moved. It hurts when I raise my hand a little or move it side to side. Earlier today , the pain extended to the left side of my neck too. Puzzled, I did several stretches [...]

Spring Collection.

These days I have taken to carrying my camera in my handbag where ever I go. My shoulders often hurt from the extra weight I carry all day but thats the price I am willing to pay.