My brother and his wife dancing to one of their songs.


Game time.


When your little sister is a chef and she decides to grace us with her amazing skills! It’s only natural to take as many pictures as possible of her creativity and work.


There is no place like home. I love my family.


Parents, siblings, cousins and friends.Coming home for Christmas was the best gift my friend could have given me. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a great entry to the new year.

My little pony


One of my highlights whilst visiting friends in Southern Ontario was watching my friends daughter at riding school. She is five years old and the youngest at the school but from what I saw (even though I don’t know much about all things equestrian), she has incredible poise and confidence with Cassey her riding pony.


Cassey is more like a medium sized horse than an average pony and enjoys to nip people in their rear anytime she feels inclined to. I was told that even though she is far from the most powerful, graceful and even beautiful in the stable she has the bossiest attitude towards her fellow compatriots. I am sure it does not surprise you that the other horses loudly make their displeasure known each time she walks passed them, not like it bothers her one bit. Compared to Cassey, Isla is pint-sized but had no qualms making it clear to Cassey who was boss the moment she was riding her. It was a delight watching Miss Fearless, I guess Cassey found her match!


P.S I should have been flying home by now but I had problems at the airport yesterday. Thankfully I got a new ticket for Thursday, nothing short of a miracle!

On your marks … 

 So tomorrow my journey begins, a day in Thunder Bay followed by a weekend pit stop in Toronto. Then it’s a hop and skip through Germany and Portugal. Final destination is running from the car into my parents house to escape the heat, sitting on the cool wooden tiled floor of the living room getting my hair did by my mom as I chat with my sister in law. All the while watching my sisters shamelessly plunder my suitcases for presents and laughing at my brothers jokes with my father occasionally interjecting with his.  Not forgetting acquainting myself with the crazy dog my dad decided to buy. What’s her name again?

I will be home for Christmas. 

That blanket is everything to me when I travel.

Two months ago a dear friend gave me the best Christmas present to date, a ticket home for Christmas. Ecstatic doesn’t quite describe how happy I am, I have not spent the last two Christmases home.

Times are changing


There was a time when I didn’t value rest as much as I did work. It took a couple of burnouts, lots of reading and taking the time to listen to words of wisdom from others that I finally understood. Guarding my time of rest helps me perform better at everything else in my life. Progress has been slow but over the years I have got better at saying no to friends and not feeling guilty about it. There is still so much more I need to learn when it comes to resting and the art of being still. I am at least thankful that I pursue rest almost as much as I do serving others with excellence. One day I will get the balance just right.

Today I spent close to three hours at the local park, my mind and body enjoying the sun rays. As I walked to the park, I assumed that I would see lots of people out and about seeing as the sun has been hiding for over a week but that was not the case. Maybe they were taking advantage of the warm day in their backyards.

Winter is coming.

Thanksgiving with Mars


Today I sat at a table with Americans, Russians, Canadians, First Nation Canadians and had supper. The conversation covered Russian history, languages,politics, hunting, children, culture. My heart was thankful, I enjoy being in a setting where different cultures sit around a meal and connect. As I watched my friends children play with Mars around us and under the table, I couldn’t help but give thanks to God for giving me a heart for children. Its the main reason I moved to Canada. There are people out there who will spend a lifetime trying to figure out what their purpose in life is. For me, loving kids whatever race or creed has been my heart’s desire from the age of 13. What an adventure it has been with God as he has led me from country to country. Each place with its own set of trials and joys but the connecting thread the same, children.


Jesus shared a parable of a man who gave three servants money to do something with whilst he was gone. Two did something with the little they had but one just let the money sit, thinking that there was nothing he could do with so little. Needless to say, this servant’s attitude was a great disappointment to the master when he returned. I want to be like the others who did something with the little they had. I don’t want to tire of getting better at working with children. I want to always strive for excellence. I want to say when I see Jesus,” here, you planted a desire to go and love and I did the best I could.”


When I think of where I have come from and the opportunities God has given me to travel to different parts of the world because of His name, I am filled with amazement and thankfulness.What are the God-given desires, plans, ideas that have been planted in your heart? Don’t give up on them, the road may be lonely, you may not have enough people encouraging you but it’s better to live trying than never attempting at all.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.



One last time.

Last Friday, I enjoyed my last sunrise on Forestry Road before moving to another basement apartment on Saturday.


I thought the view was a reassuring way of God saying, good things are still to come, I got you!

No worries folks, I am still in Red Lake.