The Kids.

This blog post is dedicated to my sister Kat, for all the funny  “Kat quotes” she has sent me that have made me crack up and laugh on the days when all I want to do is cry.  Thank you!

When I moved to Peru, I promised myself that I would not become a “mommy blogger,” the idea just didn’t sit well with me but today I just want to share a couple pictures of “my kids.” In the midst of all the busyness this season has brought, it has also brought much to contemplate on… maybe one day I will share my thoughts on being a surrogate mother but friend, for now I am content to quietly wrestle with them until they make sense to me.

There is a cute story to the first picture. Sometimes when the boys get tired of waiting for me or Anita to take them out of bed they show their displeasure by throwing out all their bedding. This really annoys me and they know it. On this day it was Andrew who was on strike, I gave him a good talking to and started to prepare their clothes for the day. When I turned around I found Daniel busy helping Andrew put his bedding back into his bed and Andrew giving his best shot at making his bed. Toooo cute 🙂

My family is getting smaller, two of the children are being adopted this month, both are moving to Europe…bittersweet…(the lady in the pic is Flor, in the first 2 months I was here she helped me with running the house, now Anita helps me)

At least once a day I have to sit with both boys and give them my full attention or there is no peace for me. If Daniel had his way, he would be on my lap the whole

What we do in winter.

A week ago the kids 2 week vacation came to an end, just wanted to share with you some of the things they got to do 🙂

We sat on the sidewalk and watched the Parade… I am beginning to believe at least in this corner of Peru, there are parades for anything under the Peruvian sun!

This particular parade was in honour of Peru’s Independence Day.

Missing in this picture are my two boys Daniel and Andrew and Maria from house 1. On this day we all went out with friends in tow to visit a Peruvian Heritage site called Bosque de Pomac. ( According to the guide this site is as important as the much celebrated Machu Picchu)

A bit of everything; hiking, picking shells at Bosque de Pomac and visiting the tiniest zoo I have ever seen.

A holiday without swimming and fishing??? I don’t think so! We parked the car at the side of the road and jumped into Picsi River.

Poor Solomon, too much fun for him, he had to nap!

Today has been a long day, the boys are down with some sort of stomach flu, feels like all I did today was wipe dripping noses and clean up vomit. 😀 Before I came to Peru a blog post would take me a couple of hours to work on, now its a couple of days.LOL.  I am glad I have this blog,  writing and photography are two of the ways I love to unwind.

Well I have to go sleep…I hope I get some sleep tonight 🙂

Later friend!


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to adopt and now working in a home that is involved in adoption I am getting to see what it takes to get a child from point A(orphanage) to point B(new family). I have always known this, but now I know for sure, adoption is not easy, it is hard and in some cases extremely frustrating! The costs, the paper work,  the constant fear of “how about if we dont bond with the child” and if its a child with past trauma its the fear of “will he/she ever be OK emotionally”, if its an interracial adoption its the worry that “maybe the child will be made fun of at school”…the list of worries is endless.

Whilst others would change their minds after seeing first hand what it takes (and I hold nothing against them) I take it as, now I am more informed on how things work and when my time comes, I will be well prepared.

I feel this is the part of the post where I should go into an indepth theological description of how adoption is such a big part of our faith as christians BUT try as I might I cant seem to put the words together( I give up on being good at apologetics!)

I guess I will have to leave that for others who are better at that sort of thing…the next best thing I can do is share a few bible verse that show just how much God takes the subject of taking care of the less fortunate seriously:

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. (James1v27)

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.(Psalm 82v3)

You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child. If you do mistreat them, and they cry out to me, I will surely hear their cry, and my wrath will burn, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless.( Exodus 22:22-24)

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.(Isaiah 1v17)

I believe, in one way or another we christians should always be in the forefront leading society in looking out for the needs of those who are less fortunate, after all that pretty much sums up what Jesus did when he was on earth!

Well, goodnight friend 🙂 until next time!