The Kids.

This blog post is dedicated to my sister Kat, for all the funny  "Kat quotes" she has sent me that have made me crack up and laugh on the days when all I want to do is cry.  Thank you! When I moved to Peru, I promised myself that I would not become a "mommy [...]


What we do in winter.

A week ago the kids 2 week vacation came to an end, just wanted to share with you some of the things they got to do 🙂 We sat on the sidewalk and watched the Parade... I am beginning to believe at least in this corner of Peru, there are parades for anything under the [...]


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to adopt and now working in a home that is involved in adoption I am getting to see what it takes to get a child from point A(orphanage) to point B(new family). I have always known this, but now I know for sure, adoption [...]