You’re my honey bunch,

Sugar plum, You're are my cuppycake gumdrop, You are my sweety pie. The apple of my eye! And I love you so! And I want you to know, that I will always be here. Have you heard of the Cuppycake song? thats were I got the words from hahaha! (The camera is working again!! took [...]


You are so beautiful to me!

Three weeks ago Colleen and I went to visit new born babies. The joy on the mothers faces was contagious. As I edited the pictures and worked on this post I had Joe Cockers song, "You are so beautiful, " on repeat. Please take the time to hear it 🙂 if not, here are the [...]


These last days death has been on my mind a lot.  Friend, can you believe that he even has the audacity to visit me in my dreams? I wish he would leave me alone! I know it is strange to talk this way about him but you have to understand, in my line of work(I [...]