Rise of the baby crabs

When the tide is out on the Maputo beach, hundreds of thousands of tiny crabs come out to play. When I take friends to the beach for the first time they fear walking on the beach for fear of either getting pinched by the crabs or crushing them. None of this happens, in fact when [...]


Mentoring 101

I enjoying mentoring, usually I stick to a group of 4-8 girls or teen girls but in November I decided to try something different, mentor 25 youth for 3 months. My plan is meeting them once a week to do different educational fun activities and invite some of my friends to come share with the [...]

relax, take it easy.

I have spent 12 years of my life with a beach always 30 mins drive away from home. Its been an extra bonus having one an hour away whilst in Peru. My work has always been the emotionally draining type thats why I enjoy sleeping and taking unhurried walks on the beach  (now I am [...]

Labour Day with Sandra Dee.

My friend/sister, Sandra has come to visit me for 3 weeks. She is an American girl who lives and works in Uganda. We met at a Bible School in Montana USA in 2010 and the rest is as they call it, is history. I love having her around 🙂 I live 30 minutes away from [...]