my everyday

There are 10 different types of fruit in the picture above, can you name them all? 🙂 I usually get my moments peace up on the roof where I do the laundry, and this is my view: I live in a small village in a valley and you guessed right,those mountains that you see are [...]


La Familia

Its been a long day I am rather tired but my fingers have been itching to blog for a while now so I might as well do it. For the benefit of all those who actually follow this blog I thought I should start my new season in Peru with a synopsis of what exactly [...]

Destination: Chiclayo Peru.

(Chiclayo is just above Trujillo on the map) Friend,Where do I begin? Firstly I have to say I am EXTREMELY excited! When I finally heard from the Peruvian Embassy that my visa application had been approved, I screamed and danced! Its taken 5 years for my dream to come true, and its OK, I am [...]