my everyday

There are 10 different types of fruit in the picture above, can you name them all? 🙂

I usually get my moments peace up on the roof where I do the laundry, and this is my view:

I live in a small village in a valley and you guessed right,those mountains that you see are the Andes. From the roof of my house you can see that we are pretty much surrounded by them. I love that I get to see them everyday. On Saturday, my day off I hang out with friends.

I love baking and cooking so its always a treat when we decide to make something together 🙂 My Canadian friend introduced me to an all time favourite American cook book called, “Betty Crocker.” I must say, its pretty legit!

At the end of the day looking after them is my first and most important responcibility!

La Familia

Its been a long day I am rather tired but my fingers have been itching to blog for a while now so I might as well do it. For the benefit of all those who actually follow this blog I thought I should start my new season in Peru with a synopsis of what exactly I will be doing here, this way you wont be wondering what is going on a couple of blog entries down the line. Unlike my usual entries, this one will be rather long so bear with me 🙂

I am volunteering at Morning Star Childrens Home as a house mom in northern Peru. Before you think I do all the work by myself allow me to correct you 🙂 There are two homes on the premises and I run the second one. Where ever I fall short, the house parents in house #1 are there to help me out 😀  I also have Flo, my right hand woman who comes for a couple of hours each day to help me out. I now have 5 children between the ages 19 months to 17 years under my care,  as many of them get adopted my “family unit” is rather fluid. Yes, I wont lie at times it will get rather difficult but being a stay at home mom to children who come from abusive backgrounds has been my something I have wanted to do for awhile now.

So, in between keeping house, running after two toddlers and raising 3 girls I hope to keep my love for photography and writing strong!

Friend, I don’t want to come across as this super amazing selfless christian girl, I will leave that for others who are better than me. I have been here one week and one day and believe me you, there have already been many moments when I have wondered, “what am I doing here? I have spent the last 10 years of my life working with wounded children, am I just allowing myself to grow old too fast by taking up the responsibility of being a mom of 5 at 27 years?”  After all, my social life will be largely restricted and dating, well lets just say it will continue to be what it has always been, non-existent… is all that I have done and will do worth sacrificing a chance to live the life of a “normal” young lady?

We may never meet but I do hope my entries give you a good idea of who I am. I shall continue sharing my heart with my God-given passion and trust that you get to see me grow 🙂


Destination: Chiclayo Peru.

(Chiclayo is just above Trujillo on the map)

Friend,Where do I begin? Firstly I have to say I am EXTREMELY excited! When I finally heard from the Peruvian Embassy that my visa application had been approved, I screamed and danced! Its taken 5 years for my dream to come true, and its OK, I am all about Gods timing!! Rather wait than rush into something that I would later regret!

If you have ever taken the time to ask me where I would love to work if it where not Africa, I would tell you “anywhere that has Amerindians/Native Americans/First Nations children! After months of searching and writing to different people this year, I finally connected with missionaries in Chiclayo Peru who run a home and school for disadvantaged children.(

My primary responsibility will be to look after 4 children; two toddlers, one 9-year-old and one 17-year-old. My wish is to be in latin america for a couple of years,  I will make my final decision after 6 months of being there. In time I may have more responsibilities but now I am very content being a house mom 🙂

God is truly amazing, He has given me friends who are willing to support me on this new adventure. A friend of mine wrote earlier this year and told me : Shula, where ever you want to go in the world and at what ever time you want to go as long as it is Gods will, I will pay for your ticket.  I was left completely speechless… I am so thankful! I trust He will continue to provide for everything I need!

So when do I take my leave from my beloved continent? on the 7th of June. May the adventure begin!

SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A BIG thank you to all those who have kept track of this possibility since January, I don’t think you would care for me to mention your names so I wont. But I really am thankful for the prayers, encouragements.