My brother and his wife dancing to one of their songs.


Game time.


When your little sister is a chef and she decides to grace us with her amazing skills! It’s only natural to take as many pictures as possible of her creativity and work.


There is no place like home. I love my family.


Parents, siblings, cousins and friends.Coming home for Christmas was the best gift my friend could have given me. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a great entry to the new year.

Santa Claus is coming to town.


It started off with my friend receiving a phone call from from an excited little girl Marlena, “Colleen please can you give us a ride to the airport, Santa is coming!” An hour later Colleen and I had 15 kids in her suburban and we made our way to the airport. Turns out the news had spread all over Facebook and many parents were busy dressing up their children warmly and hurriedly making their way to see Santa. No one was going to be late, the first 20 parents there would each get a turkey. Who misses an opportunity for free turkey?!


By 4:30 the airport parking lot was filled and so was the road going into the airport. BTW the little blue building is the terminal 🙂

He was supposed to be there at 2:45. An hour later more than 100 children and patient parents were still waiting for him. Nobody was particularly upset about the delay, parents and friends, teachers and cousins, siblings and grandparents, police and nurses. We all just hang around waiting for him whilst the kids had a blast playing under the watchful eye of those that love them.

Then the plane arrived, there was much cheer and excitement as everyone made a mad dash for the plane. The joy was quickly dashed when the children reached the plane and found no Santa just the police telling everyone that it was a plane with inmates being flown in for court tomorrow. I could not help but chuckle, I am sure the inmates were confused at the warm greeting they were receiving from 100s of children.

Another 10 minutes and another flight came in, surely this HAD to be Santa, once again the children ran towards the flight with the same enthusiasm they had for the first flight. No, only cargo. By this time some parents were beginning to wonder if he was ever going to come.

Two hours after our arrival, he came with Mrs Santa and some helpers of course 🙂


Oh my word, the exhilarating joy, the smiles, the awe. Almost all just wanted to touch him. It was crazy! The two bottom pictures were the only ones I could manage before I ran away from all the frenzy. Definitely worth waiting to see.

Only in the north do you see 100s of children on a runway expectantly waiting for Santa.


Frost, the devil is in the detail!

Pikangikum is positively stunning when the frost comes for a short visit. I get so enthralled by everything I see that if it were not for my fingers going numb from the cold I would stay outside for hours.


The other day I decided to forget about pressing matters like finishing my counseling course reading for the week and went for a long walk…on a hungry stomach… anyone who gets me knows that I do not function well on an empty stomach but between wasting time preparing lunch or going out I opted for the latter .


Friend I took a lot of pictures, everything looked perfect on my camera screen. It was when I had to edit the pictures that I realized, ” Dang! editing snow and frost is a ROYAL PAIN!” I have spent many hours the past two days working on these four pictures. I wanted so bad for the detail of the frost to POP out.


The problem with being self taught is that you come very close, oh so close to smashing your laptop because its not doing what the tutorial says must happen. Only to sheepishly realize hours later(lying in bed about to sleep)  that I had made the mistake.


I still need way more practice fine-tuning detail in Lightroom and I do not own a macro lens. I know, patience, eventually I will get the hang of it. Philip if you see this and when you have time please tell me were I could improve  and what I should not do ever again 🙂