The Yellow School Bus

( I want to put a disclaimer before you read the rest of this post, contrary to popular belief not all Africans live in abject poverty and ignorance. It gets really frustrating when I meet people in N.America who are shocked that I don't live in a mud hut and my house has running water [...]


Sooo, just incase… think all we do is play 🙂 This post will make sense if you read my post, "thats what friends are for." My last day in South Africa was on the 7th of April, I spent close to two months working with Heather and friends . Photos do a better job at describing everyday [...]


These last days death has been on my mind a lot.  Friend, can you believe that he even has the audacity to visit me in my dreams? I wish he would leave me alone! I know it is strange to talk this way about him but you have to understand, in my line of work(I [...]

how it all began

Because of insufficient funding my parents and i have decided that our school should close.The decision to close our school was taken in December but the magnitude of our choice only hit home today. Made me kinda teary as I realised just how much the school project has shaped my life and dare I say, [...]

and so they came

hey friend, i think i told you a couple months back that some of my friends from the bible school i attended in the USA would be coming. well its hard to believe that they have been here for a little over two weeks now. it feels like they have always been here. i love [...]

Kids club 2011

friend, we had our annual kids club from the 12th till the 16th of December. the theme this year was "Jesus is my treasure." here is a snippet of our super fun week. we had around 170 children, 150 where OVC (orphans and vulnerable children). hopefully next time you will be here with us:D p.s [...]