Introducing Malaika.

I am working on polishing my blurb for my short story, in the meanwhile, here is a short description: Malaika ( Swahili for Angel)  is a 19-year-old Mozambican girl who reluctantly accepts a 6 week trip to the Philippines. Whilst there, she volunteers with Restoring Hope, a Christian Humanitation Organization that does work all around [...]


Black girl and her hair!

This post is a very, very, long time coming! Where do I even begin?? First of all with all the adventures I have had with my hair it's a miracle that in 5 years of blogging, not once have I mentioned my hair escapades. If you are black and a female you will know the [...]

Sad day.

My camera is not working ... I don't know whats wrong but it won't read my card no matter what I do ... makes me very sad ... I haven't posted in awhile, my heart and head have been doing a lot of thinking but each time I sit to write some of my thoughts, [...]


My mom is an impressive seamstress, she has never had any formal training but can do anything that she sets her mind on without the help of a pattern. I am truly blessed, a lot of the clothes I wear she has made for me. If I get married oneday, she is making my wedding [...]