Black girl and her hair!

This post is a very, very, long time coming! Where do I even begin?? First of all with all the adventures I have had with my hair it’s a miracle that in 5 years of blogging, not once have I mentioned my hair escapades.

If you are black and a female you will know the amount of drama that comes with our hair!!! I look at my white and First Nation friends and man, it is hard not to be envious of how easy it is to take care of their hairs compared to ours. I have a problem, I like to experiment on my hair … a lot … most times its a DISASTER and my mom has had to save my hair from myself every time. You see, I read about all these wonderful ways to soften African hair and I try them and then by the end of the experiment I am a pile of tears as my dear mother fixes my mess. Yes even in my late 20s my mom was still saving me!
Here are three examples of the epic stupid decisions I have made with my hair.

I read an article once about how egg is very good as a natural conditioner ( forget the fact that I didn’t finish reading all the instructions) so I whipped up two eggs poured the stuff in my hair put a shower cap over it and then proceeded to sit outside the very warm Mozambiqan sun. You, see I had also read another article on how when one puts conditioner in their hair, sitting in the sun would do wonders in helping the conditioner make the hair softer.
Welllllll friend!!! My mom came to check on me and asked me what were the white things in my hair?? turns out the egg had started to cook. I rushed to the bathroom and without thinking it through used warm water to take the egg out which only cooked it more. Leaving my whole head full of white flecks that were impossible to remove. Of course mother had to help me comb the stuff out.

Then there is the other time, I dragged my mother, father and sister into Maputo city hunting down different hair products cause I had found some African American hair blogger whose hair looked AMAZING (sing the word when you read it) and swore that her methods would help anyone. I bought half of her recommendations, cause I couldn’t find the other half (forget the part were you are warned to be careful of the products you mix into your hair) My mother was sceptical but I showed her pictures of the African American like me with hair flowing right down to her waist!! OMG, I was determined that would be me! I piled all the stuff in my hair (which included rinsing my hair with green tea), crossing my fingers for a miracle… two days later my results started to show. Clumps of hair on the sides of my head and the back began to fall. To say I was inconsolable is the biggest understatement of the year. Friend, I cried, I completely freaked out fearing that any morning I would wake up with all my hair lying on my pillow (FYI this happened last year) I ended up getting the hair cut I promised myself I would never get. The one that Rihanna and Pink made famous, shaved on the sides and back, long in the middle. My dad kept telling “Don’t worry daughter, it will grow, hair always grows.”

Then in the 6 years I had dreadlocks ( pretty sweet dreadlocks all thanks to my mother again) one of the many remedies I put in my hair was a hair product called “hair mayonnaise.” The label said nothing about how it would affect dreadlocks, my logic was hair is hair right??? Wrong! I heaped the whole bottle onto my hair and then I saw my mistake. The stuff clung to my dreadlocks and turned them all white. As if I had dipped my head in white paint. One look in the mirror and you guessed right, I shouted for my mother. She came running into the house thinking something horrible had happened, took one look at my hair and just shook her head. The next hour was spent with her using boiling water (no exaggeration) and her bare hands to take out all the product out of my dreadlocks.

Then there was the time I washed my dreads with coca-cola … but that’s another story for another time.


I have been away from my mom for almost a year now and I am so proud to say my hair has grown a lot, I have behaved myself and not gone on any crazy experiments … lets hope I keep strong and not fall into temptation!!!

I love you mom, thanks for saving my hair!

Sad day.

My camera is not working … I don’t know whats wrong but it won’t read my card no matter what I do … makes me very sad …

I haven’t posted in awhile, my heart and head have been doing a lot of thinking but each time I sit to write some of my thoughts, I have nothing. How does one share intimately without over sharing? That’s the part about blogging/writing that stresses me the most … I lie, editing photos comes pretty close to driving me crazy sometimes and I am a minimalist! If you check my Instagram feed (most photos taken with my iphone) I have lots of pictures of some of things I have been up to. I have decided to make time to do lots of reading so right now I am reading: one fantasy, a biography and a book on what it takes to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I want to be as diverse in my reading as possible so that I can expand my English vocabulary.( I have also been listening to a podcast on A tale of two cities) I have even taken to walking about with a little notebook that I can add interesting words to it. I hope all this English wont make my other languages suffer … maybe I should make time to read in other languages too… I have also had a big itch to take my writing more seriously so I have two projects going on. One for my friend Chariss’ children (my second book for them) and the other, well when I get to finishing it you will know. I am having so much fun writing, I could sit for hours scribbling away. Hence the four note books I use to write down ideas of plots, bible verses, interesting proverbs and such.

Even with all the busynness I have with work, I still have lots of time to myself. I think one of the hardest part about moving to Canada so far has been the adapting to two very different cultures (First Nation and Canadian Caucasian) without a friend with at least a basic understanding of Africa living close by helping me along the way. I even marvel at myself that in a months time I will have made it a year here. I guess I am made of tougher things!

I am really really sad about my camera, I hope it fixes itself … if you have been following me for awhile, you know how much its a part of my life …


My mom is an impressive seamstress, she has never had any formal training but can do anything that she sets her mind on without the help of a pattern. I am truly blessed, a lot of the clothes I wear she has made for me. If I get married oneday, she is making my wedding dress and I will be sure to show off her talent on this blog 🙂 Today she was working on a quilt that she is making for my grandparents.