Where feet fail.*

Memories from a time gone by. T was a slender girl with fine features, average height and mid length ebony coloured hair that flirted with the wind as she walked. She had a cheerful, shy smile that more often than not she was very self conscious about. Everything about her spoke of a young woman [...]


The Wake

We quietly enter the living room, its small maybe 3 1/2 m by 2 1/2 m, as my eyes get accustomed to the darkness I see that there are about 10 women inside a few seated on chairs most on the floor.What little furniture the family owns has been set outside.My eyes find what they [...]


These last days death has been on my mind a lot.  Friend, can you believe that he even has the audacity to visit me in my dreams? I wish he would leave me alone! I know it is strange to talk this way about him but you have to understand, in my line of work(I [...]

gilda’s mother died last week

gilda.gildas mother died last thursday. she hadnt been sick for long. gilda is 13 years old and i have known her for close to 7 years.she has been part of a small group of girls i have been discipling for about 5 years now. broke my heart to see her cry. i did not know [...]

this is my dad…the legend

 its been nearly a week since my dad got back from south africa. the last time i had seen him was nearly three months ago when my brother rushed him on a sunday night to the hospital after he had vomited a couple litres of blood. for those who didnt exactly know what was going [...]

on death and prayer.

In these last few weeks, my dads illness has caused me to ponder a lot on how God works in the area of giving and taking life, I am left with more questions than answers concerning how this works. On three occasions in one week we pleaded to God for Him to give more life [...]