Sooo, just incase… think all we do is play 🙂 This post will make sense if you read my post, "thats what friends are for." My last day in South Africa was on the 7th of April, I spent close to two months working with Heather and friends . Photos do a better job at describing everyday [...]


and so they came

hey friend, i think i told you a couple months back that some of my friends from the bible school i attended in the USA would be coming. well its hard to believe that they have been here for a little over two weeks now. it feels like they have always been here. i love [...]

Kids club 2011

friend, we had our annual kids club from the 12th till the 16th of December. the theme this year was "Jesus is my treasure." here is a snippet of our super fun week. we had around 170 children, 150 where OVC (orphans and vulnerable children). hopefully next time you will be here with us:D p.s [...]

let them go

antonio,alberto,momed.i have known antonio,alberto and momed for 5 years now. they are all boys from poor single parent households and they all lost their dads when they where very young. when i started mentoring them, they where a group of 6 boys all between the ages 11-15.they where some of the worst mannered boys i [...]