Times are changing


There was a time when I didn’t value rest as much as I did work. It took a couple of burnouts, lots of reading and taking the time to listen to words of wisdom from others that I finally understood. Guarding my time of rest helps me perform better at everything else in my life. Progress has been slow but over the years I have got better at saying no to friends and not feeling guilty about it. There is still so much more I need to learn when it comes to resting and the art of being still. I am at least thankful that I pursue rest almost as much as I do serving others with excellence. One day I will get the balance just right.

Today I spent close to three hours at the local park, my mind and body enjoying the sun rays. As I walked to the park, I assumed that I would see lots of people out and about seeing as the sun has been hiding for over a week but that was not the case. Maybe they were taking advantage of the warm day in their backyards.

Winter is coming.

One last time.

Last Friday, I enjoyed my last sunrise on Forestry Road before moving to another basement apartment on Saturday.


I thought the view was a reassuring way of God saying, good things are still to come, I got you!

No worries folks, I am still in Red Lake.

Cunhada, for you!

The mud puddles in Pikangikum are spotting large chunks of ice, winter is just around the corner. Yesterday I spent time unpacking my winter clothes, may the days of constantly wearing warm leggings under my jeans begin. Meanwhile here are a few shots of what fall looked like a week ago. Cunhada, this post is for you, I spent last weekend collecting up to 100 pictures of trees just for you ­čÖé These are the ones I liked the most.








untitled-10Winter is coming.

“Cunhada,” portuguese for “sister in law” is what we affectionately call Jessica my brothers wife. It sounds way more formal when translated into English.

Well, its good night from me, last week was rather hectic, hoping this week will go easy.

Winter is coming.

I know its been awhile friend, not that the blog was far from my mind, not at all, my mind is forever looking for new stories to tell and pictures to take. Its just that lifes been rather stressful of late and I don’t want to blog when I feel it will be more of a chore. These pictures were taken two weeks or more ago. Right now Pik does not look as pretty as we are having a mix of snow and rain, makes the whole place muddy because there aren’t any tar roads here. I enjoyed tha fall, Pik has a lot of quiet spots where you can sit and drink in the beauty around. Something thats important to do when ┬ástress is buzzing around you like ┬ápesky mosquito!

Pikangikum from the sky.

Pikangikum from the sky.



Lots of geese hang out here during the Fall.

Lots of geese hang out here during the Fall.


Good night friend, these days I sometimes am concerned that insomia wants to get better acquainted with me … I pray thats not the case!