Ice Fishing

My friend Lola invited me to join her and her family ice fishing this afternoon and I readily accepted. I said this to you during the summer, I have found I really enjoy fishing. I can close my eyes right now and feel the warm summer sun, the occasional gentle breeze, I can see those [...]

Summer loving!

I got invited to be a counselor for a couple days at a girls camp that is run by the Reserve every summer. The kids who are invited are usually those whose life is pretty tough at home. It was good to see them laugh and generally have a good time. Dont get me wrong, [...]

Fishing for walleye

My friends took me fishing a week ago, in some ways the Ojibway way of  life is similar to the African way i.e relationships and community are very important and there is no need to be in a hurry or overly busy. Thats one area of Western culture I find hard to adapt to, how [...]