Darling, stand by me!

Last November, my grandmother dislocated her left hip and knee. Average health care in my grannys town can only be given if you are rich, as it is my granny has never been rich. When taken to the government hospital, she was given mild pain killers(panados) and inexperienced student doctors tried to attend to her [...]


I love to love you

In my world there is no such thing as a "small wedding!" Cheap? yes! Simple? yes! extravagant? even better! Expensive? YES PLEASE! BUT "small wedding??" you might as well ask the moon to stop rotating around the earth! My brother (FYI I am the oldest of 4, three girls and one boy) is getting married this [...]

28 years.

28 years ago yesterday, my mother married a young pastor who had nothing to his name but his passion to share Jesus to the world and the faith to believe that God would take care of them as they faithfully served Him 🙂 I dont think my mom has ever regretted making that decision 😀 [...]