7 years.

Seven years ago a desire was planted in my heart to one day work among troubled Native American children. It wasn't because I had read or studied about them, neither was it because I met a Native American or talked with someone who knew about them. At that time, I knew nothing about this people [...]


Sooo, just incase…

...you think all we do is play 🙂 This post will make sense if you read my post, "thats what friends are for." My last day in South Africa was on the 7th of April, I spent close to two months working with Heather and friends . Photos do a better job at describing everyday [...]

That’s what friends are for.

Remember Heather? I posted a blog about her in April last year, well long story short after her 3 week visit to South Africa, she came back in August last year to set up her organisation called Hope of Africa.  Upon my return from Zambia I stayed in Mozambique for a week then she wrote [...]

Mentoring 101

I enjoying mentoring, usually I stick to a group of 4-8 girls or teen girls but in November I decided to try something different, mentor 25 youth for 3 months. My plan is meeting them once a week to do different educational fun activities and invite some of my friends to come share with the [...]