Montana I love!


I should be sleeping

Good night!

Remember her?

Friend, Christmas break finds me in Montana with Heather and her family. I cannot believe that I am back to my favorite mountains, the Rockies! I arrived on Monday pretty sick, I just think it was my bodys way of telling me how tired it was and how glad it was that now I had [...]

In the end, it will all be well.

I recently experienced a very sad disappointment, I saw it coming but a big part of me  hoped for a happier ending. Since then its been slow progress of accepting that sometimes, one must find the strength to sever ties, stand up and walk away. The thing about witnessing a beautiful sunrise is that (at [...]

where your treasure is…

 I was showing my Peruvian friend pictures of home today when I stumbled over some pictures of my stay in the USA. Looking through them, I sure regret not taking more, I hope I get to go back oneday and when I do I have promised myself to take more time taking pictures. Hopefully I [...]