I got it from my mama!

I woke up this morning in pain,  muscles deep inside  the joint of my left shoulder hurt each time I moved. It hurts when I raise my hand a little or move it side to side. Earlier today , the pain extended to the left side of my neck too. Puzzled, I did several stretches [...]


You are so beautiful to me!

Three weeks ago Colleen and I went to visit new born babies. The joy on the mothers faces was contagious. As I edited the pictures and worked on this post I had Joe Cockers song, "You are so beautiful, " on repeat. Please take the time to hear it 🙂 if not, here are the [...]

Heather was here.

Last week I spent 4 days with my friend Heather. Heather and I have been friends/sisters for nearly 6 years. I met her when she lived and worked in Malalane South Africa with an organisation that helps orphans through music. She returned to the USA 4 years ago but when time and work allow her to [...]

The Wake

We quietly enter the living room, its small maybe 3 1/2 m by 2 1/2 m, as my eyes get accustomed to the darkness I see that there are about 10 women inside a few seated on chairs most on the floor.What little furniture the family owns has been set outside.My eyes find what they [...]

The Kids.

This blog post is dedicated to my sister Kat, for all the funny  "Kat quotes" she has sent me that have made me crack up and laugh on the days when all I want to do is cry.  Thank you! When I moved to Peru, I promised myself that I would not become a "mommy [...]

La Familia

Its been a long day I am rather tired but my fingers have been itching to blog for a while now so I might as well do it. For the benefit of all those who actually follow this blog I thought I should start my new season in Peru with a synopsis of what exactly [...]