Mist and mountains

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I have been visiting home for 3 weeks and God willing will soon be returning back to Canada. It has been sooo good to be in the familiar, “to let my hair down.” Two weeks ago I did a fly by visit to Capetown South Africa. Since most of you know how much I love mountains it is inevitable that I would post  pictures of some of Western Capes mountains.

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These were taken on my way to Hermanus to visit some very dear friends. Hermanus is two hours from Capetown and absolutely beautiful. Imagine being able to take a five minute walk to watch whales by the bay? Thats one of Hermanus main attractions.

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Ed Sheerans song “I see fire,” was constantly playing in my head as I drank in the beauty that is the Western Cape of South Africa.

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Remember her?

Friend, Christmas break finds me in Montana with Heather and her family. I cannot believe that I am back to my favorite mountains, the Rockies! I arrived on Monday pretty sick, I just think it was my bodys way of telling me how tired it was and how glad it was that now I had time to relax and get much needed rest. Today is Thursday and I am doing much better, thank God. Since the last time I was in Montana (four years ago) I didn’t take enough pictures of the mountains, this time around, I am not making the same mistake. No matter how busy I get I will do my best to post some pictures.



Blue Mountains

Spot the cows!

Spot the cows!

Oh my friend! Its been far too long! I have had a busy 5 weeks, my mother and I traveled to Zambia to visit my grandmother who has been bedridden since last year late November(a story that deserves its own blog post). So much happened, I am still processing everything. I didn’t take any photos going to Zambia and coming back it rained most of the time travelling out of Zambia, we crossed the breadth of Zimbabwe during the night which left me with South Africa. By the time we where traveling through parts of South Africa it took a lot of effort to keep my eyes open and enjoy the scenery… man was I grumpy! Three day bus rides are no fun, especially when you have to deal with 3 sets of African border posts! (I arrived yesterday in the morning) These mountains are found in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. I just had to share the few pictures I took, they not the best of photos but maybe it will encourage you to visit Limpopo one of these days 🙂 Lots of people don’t think that Limpopo has anything to offer but that’s cause they don’t care much for mountains 😀

Not quite sure what they where doing there and I didnt know cows hooves had enough traction to climb up a large rock...

Not quite sure what they where doing there and I didnt know cows hooves had enough traction to climb up a large rock…

How quaint.

How quaint.

A maize farm.

A maize farm.

The Blouberg Mountains.

Blouberg meaning Blue Mountains

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on what I learned in the last 5 weeks. Have a good evening if you are in my time zone and a good day if you are not 🙂

The Drakensberg.






After the demise of my camera, my dad has been gracious enough to lend me his and I have been having a lot of fun figuring it out. FYI the Drakensberg are the highest mountain range in Southern Africa and are found in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. I see these every time I travel to South Africa. There are a lot of sugarcane, banana and citrus farms along this highway.

I really love mountains 🙂

I got bored with my last blog theme and after a couple days of searching, settled on this one. Its not my favorite but it will do, I would like feed back from anyone if you think I should try another theme, thanks 🙂

I am leaving on a jetplane…

Well friend I like to think that I have an internal ipod in my brain that’s on shuffle. I am known to sometimes walk through a supermarket dancing to a tune that only I can hear 😀 The past two weeks, two songs seem to be on repeat, Michael Bubles Home and John Denver’s Leaving on a jet plane, friend I am ready to go home, I really miss my family. Today I start my travels back to Mozambique, its been an incredible 6 months.

Big thank you to all those who have been with me from the beginning(especially those who have encouraged me in my photography hobby) and of course to others who have joined me along the way. I have learned a lot, made some wonderful friends and best of all got to live close to one of Gods beautiful creations “The Andes Mountains.”

Just incase you are curious:

Ferrenafe to Chiclayo: 30 mins car ride ( I live in Pueblo Nuevo, a small community a hop and a skip away from Ferrenafe)

Chiclayo to Lima: 12 hours bus ride (spend a day in Lima doing a bit of sight seeing and gift shopping with two friends)

Lima to Sao Paulo (Brazil): 5+ hours (7 hour lay over)

Sao Paulo to Johannesburg (South Africa): 9+ hours

Rest in Johannesburg for one day then take a 9 hour bus ride home to Mozambique.

I am not sure whats next for me. . . I am sure about one thing though, Gods got me, I don’t need to worry about the future.

. . .

In other words, my life remains unpredictable.

until later friend ❤

Will leave you with a song by Phillip Phillips called home 😉