Mist and mountains

I have been visiting home for 3 weeks and God willing will soon be returning back to Canada. It has been sooo good to be in the familiar, "to let my hair down." Two weeks ago I did a fly by visit to Capetown South Africa. Since most of you know how much I love [...]


Montana I love!

Remember her?

Friend, Christmas break finds me in Montana with Heather and her family. I cannot believe that I am back to my favorite mountains, the Rockies! I arrived on Monday pretty sick, I just think it was my bodys way of telling me how tired it was and how glad it was that now I had [...]

Blue Mountains

Oh my friend! Its been far too long! I have had a busy 5 weeks, my mother and I traveled to Zambia to visit my grandmother who has been bedridden since last year late November(a story that deserves its own blog post). So much happened, I am still processing everything. I didn't take any photos [...]

The Drakensberg.

After the demise of my camera, my dad has been gracious enough to lend me his and I have been having a lot of fun figuring it out. FYI the Drakensberg are the highest mountain range in Southern Africa and are found in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. I see these every time I travel [...]