I went blueberry picking on Saturday. I cannot say that picking is fun, far from it, it’s all hard work but I enjoy going out because of the peace I encounter on a patch.

Sometimes I listen to music or sing as I pick but this time around, I wanted to listen to the nature around me. I would challenge myself to block all other sounds except for one. It’s amazing what your ears will pick up when you do that.3

I picked up a lot of interesting sounds but what held my attention the longest was the wind. Wild blueberries grow best in areas where trees are short and shrubs are plenty, this particular patch had tall trees surrounding it in a U shape. As I picked berries I would hear the different sounds of the wind, as if everything around me was there to translate what the wind was saying.At times the trees sounded like a group of overly excited girls sharing sweet morsels of gossip, pausing from time to time to make sure no one was listening to them. The soft whoosh and rustle of the leaves like lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other,  other times it sounded as if the wind from different directions was converging on the patch, reminding me of the steady hum of a busy international airport. So much going on at the same time but all in an orderly fashion Then other times the wind would howl, the trees would bow, the shrubs shudder like friends in a heated argument aware that the longer they went on the harder it would be to repair the damage. Nothing good ever comes from gossip even though at first it’s tantalizing to the ear.

Looking to the sky I could see that the wind was bringing rain, I tried to hurry along with my picking but I would relapse to a slow pace as I again sat in silence and listened to the wind and the conversations it brought my way.


Frost, the devil is in the detail!

Pikangikum is positively stunning when the frost comes for a short visit. I get so enthralled by everything I see that if it were not for my fingers going numb from the cold I would stay outside for hours.


The other day I decided to forget about pressing matters like finishing my counseling course reading for the week and went for a long walk…on a hungry stomach… anyone who gets me knows that I do not function well on an empty stomach but between wasting time preparing lunch or going out I opted for the latter .


Friend I took a lot of pictures, everything looked perfect on my camera screen. It was when I had to edit the pictures that I realized, ” Dang! editing snow and frost is a ROYAL PAIN!” I have spent many hours the past two days working on these four pictures. I wanted so bad for the detail of the frost to POP out.


The problem with being self taught is that you come very close, oh so close to smashing your laptop because its not doing what the tutorial says must happen. Only to sheepishly realize hours later(lying in bed about to sleep)  that I had made the mistake.


I still need way more practice fine-tuning detail in Lightroom and I do not own a macro lens. I know, patience, eventually I will get the hang of it. Philip if you see this and when you have time please tell me were I could improve  and what I should not do ever again 🙂