In the end, it will all be well.

I recently experienced a very sad disappointment, I saw it coming but a big part of me  hoped for a happier ending. Since then its been slow progress of accepting that sometimes, one must find the strength to sever ties, stand up and walk away. The thing about witnessing a beautiful sunrise is that (at [...]


she works hard for her money

Whilst traveling with my dad to South Africa a week ago we came across a group of women carrying wood similar to the picture above. I quietly commented, " Wow, those women are strong!"  In response my dad said in a matter of fact voice; "Of course, women are stronger than men!" If you ask [...]

I am leaving on a jetplane…

Well friend I like to think that I have an internal ipod in my brain that's on shuffle. I am known to sometimes walk through a supermarket dancing to a tune that only I can hear 😀 The past two weeks, two songs seem to be on repeat, Michael Bubles Home and John Denver's Leaving [...]

relax, take it easy.

I have spent 12 years of my life with a beach always 30 mins drive away from home. Its been an extra bonus having one an hour away whilst in Peru. My work has always been the emotionally draining type thats why I enjoy sleeping and taking unhurried walks on the beach  (now I am [...]

Isnt she lovely ?

apparently its fashionable to have silver hearts on your front teeth... I love how creative people can get!

Show and Tell

Last Friday, Strong Tower had its first show and tell, the kids had so much fun presenting their furry or feathery friends at school....between you and me friend, I got the feeling that some of the pets had been bought the day before(or maybe were borrowed from a neighbor).LOL!! I say this because some of [...]