In the valley

Between March 20 and April 14th, 11 people died in Pikangikum. Of the eleven, nine died on the same night.* Death is relentless in his pursuit for more, overly eager to satisfy his unquenchable thirst. Without invitation, he takes his time to embrace those in the throes of deep sorrow, those still reeling from what [...]


Following His lead.

The plight of millions of Christians around the world who are persecuted for the Faith is one that has been close to my heart from the time I was 12. I don't know why but by 12 the books that caught my interest, apart from Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys were books like, " [...]

The politics of my skin

( I have been trying to upload the last batch of pictures of our road trip but our internet has been SO slow! I spent 3 hours last night trying to upload one picture to no avail! I have decided to post this entry thats been  in my draft for awhile instead and hopefully the [...]

The Traveller

For those who dare to dream the impossible. Hope is his steady companion on this odyssey Unwavering faith the cloak that protects and keeps him warm against the bitter cold. Days roll into weeks that turn into months which finally slip into years. Hundreds of miles trudged, even more still to come. A conviction that [...]