Mist and mountains

I have been visiting home for 3 weeks and God willing will soon be returning back to Canada. It has been sooo good to be in the familiar, "to let my hair down." Two weeks ago I did a fly by visit to Capetown South Africa. Since most of you know how much I love [...]


Sooo, just incase…

...you think all we do is play 🙂 This post will make sense if you read my post, "thats what friends are for." My last day in South Africa was on the 7th of April, I spent close to two months working with Heather and friends . Photos do a better job at describing everyday [...]

A happy union.

Generally speaking, for most Africans, there is a strong desire not to forget who they are even as they embrace all sorts of Western ways. Wearing traditional clothes is one way of remembering, embracing and demonstrating to others who they are. You can usually tell which tribe someone comes from by what they wear. Great [...]

That’s what friends are for.

Remember Heather? I posted a blog about her in April last year, well long story short after her 3 week visit to South Africa, she came back in August last year to set up her organisation called Hope of Africa.  Upon my return from Zambia I stayed in Mozambique for a week then she wrote [...]

Blue Mountains

Oh my friend! Its been far too long! I have had a busy 5 weeks, my mother and I traveled to Zambia to visit my grandmother who has been bedridden since last year late November(a story that deserves its own blog post). So much happened, I am still processing everything. I didn't take any photos [...]

Just change already!

Ever feel like you are stuck in the same season and there is no hope for change in sight? Now, I am not talking of those times were everything is going right or the other times were it's not too bad but it's also not great, no, I am talking about the season when it's [...]