One last time.

Last Friday, I enjoyed my last sunrise on Forestry Road before moving to another basement apartment on Saturday. I thought the view was a reassuring way of God saying, good things are still to come, I got you! No worries folks, I am still in Red Lake.



January was a month of way too much grief in Pikangikum, according to locals its been awhile since so much saddeness happened in a space of 10 days. I will not delve into the details of what went on. In the process of being there for those who had lost so much I am filled [...]

In the end, it will all be well.

I recently experienced a very sad disappointment, I saw it coming but a big part of me  hoped for a happier ending. Since then its been slow progress of accepting that sometimes, one must find the strength to sever ties, stand up and walk away. The thing about witnessing a beautiful sunrise is that (at [...]