I went blueberry picking on Saturday. I cannot say that picking is fun, far from it, it’s all hard work but I enjoy going out because of the peace I encounter on a patch.

Sometimes I listen to music or sing as I pick but this time around, I wanted to listen to the nature around me. I would challenge myself to block all other sounds except for one. It’s amazing what your ears will pick up when you do that.3

I picked up a lot of interesting sounds but what held my attention the longest was the wind. Wild blueberries grow best in areas where trees are short and shrubs are plenty, this particular patch had tall trees surrounding it in a U shape. As I picked berries I would hear the different sounds of the wind, as if everything around me was there to translate what the wind was saying.At times the trees sounded like a group of overly excited girls sharing sweet morsels of gossip, pausing from time to time to make sure no one was listening to them. The soft whoosh and rustle of the leaves like lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other,  other times it sounded as if the wind from different directions was converging on the patch, reminding me of the steady hum of a busy international airport. So much going on at the same time but all in an orderly fashion Then other times the wind would howl, the trees would bow, the shrubs shudder like friends in a heated argument aware that the longer they went on the harder it would be to repair the damage. Nothing good ever comes from gossip even though at first it’s tantalizing to the ear.

Looking to the sky I could see that the wind was bringing rain, I tried to hurry along with my picking but I would relapse to a slow pace as I again sat in silence and listened to the wind and the conversations it brought my way.


Days gone by

A few of my favourite shots from the past two months.

















I am watching the opening night of the Olympics as I edit pictures. Made me think of Paul, one of the Bibles writers and something that he wrote:

 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.  Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

Watching the show has got me thinking, do I have goals or am I just living? What dreams must I keep holding on to? How am I embracing discipline in my life? and am I really running my race in such in a way that says, ” Yes, I am running to win this ?!”

Good night friend.




My sense of smell and taste have been on a hiatus going on two weeks now. Last week it was because of a bad cold this week, strep throat … oh joy!

I took these photos with two reasons in mind, firstly I really think the roses look even more beautiful now than when they were fresh and secondly, I want when you look at them you smell them! Go on, indulge me and take a whiff 🙂


Draped in white.


For the first time in two weeks, the sun is out (albeit for a short time). It is hard to do any studies ( or edit photos) when all I want to do is stare at the sun! These pictures were taken this morning when I went for a walk. We had our first big snow fall yesterday, the last 3 weeks we have just had flurries. It made the land look so beautiful. It is my prayer that I never tire of finding and enjoying the beauty around me.











I have been trying out macro photography, I still have ways to go.

I have been trying out macro photography, I still have ways to go.

I woke up yesterday and all I could think of was: am I making any difference teaching Christian Education at the school? Levels of discouragement can get quite high here in Pik. Several times as I prepared to face the world, I asked God this very question and then went about my day. At around 6 in the evening as I was returning home from work I was met with a group of 8 year old girls. When they saw me they rushed to me and all five decided to give me one giant bear hug. In the process one of the girls looked up to me and said, “ Thank you for teaching us about Jesus,” and another said, “please pray for me,” whilst another chirped in saying, “lets pray Shula.” So right there in the middle of the road surrounded by five 8 year olds we prayed together ( usually in class they repeat the words I say, so thats what we did.) It was loud, it was fun, it was love.
It is not often God answers my doubts in this manner. He knows just how much teaching children the importance of talking to God is to me. Not the praying that leaves everyone feeling as if God is distant but the talking that reminds each one that He is close and desires a real relationship with us. So when the girls presented their requests to me, it felt like God had answered the question that had plagued my mind in the early morning.

It doesn't matter how tiny a plant on the forest floor is, it is still of vital importance to the whole forests eco system even if most of the time most people never see them.

It doesn’t matter how tiny a plant on the forest floor is, it is still of vital importance to the whole forests eco system even if most of the time most people never see it.

I replied, “But my work seems so useless! I have spent my strength for nothing and to no purpose. Yet I leave it all in the Lords hand; I will trust Him for my reward.” Isaiah49v3

Cunhada, for you!

The mud puddles in Pikangikum are spotting large chunks of ice, winter is just around the corner. Yesterday I spent time unpacking my winter clothes, may the days of constantly wearing warm leggings under my jeans begin. Meanwhile here are a few shots of what fall looked like a week ago. Cunhada, this post is for you, I spent last weekend collecting up to 100 pictures of trees just for you 🙂 These are the ones I liked the most.








untitled-10Winter is coming.

“Cunhada,” portuguese for “sister in law” is what we affectionately call Jessica my brothers wife. It sounds way more formal when translated into English.

Well, its good night from me, last week was rather hectic, hoping this week will go easy.