Thanksgiving with Mars

Today I sat at a table with Americans, Russians, Canadians, First Nation Canadians and had supper. The conversation covered Russian history, languages,politics, hunting, children, culture. My heart was thankful, I enjoy being in a setting where different cultures sit around a meal and connect. As I watched my friends children play with Mars around us [...]


sojourner i am.

as of wednesday this week we( i live with my parents, brother and 3 other people that my parents are supporting) have one week to find a house pack and move. it took me exactly two days to get used to the idea, although, the thought of leaving this house just leaves me quite sad. [...]

i heart you petersons

an awesome cultural evening.going on walks with elsa.reading time in our "indoor tent" SO MUCH FUN!"sisterly love". going to bed in our "indoor tent."doing school outside.taking elsa for sushi.coloring:)shopping and goofing around with elsa.what philly does on a hot back home in moz, got back today. i really enjoyed my time being a nanny [...]